Wildlife Wednesday 02/21

Being in nature can be very magical to many people. There has even been a history of different mythical beings that live in and are even connected to nature. One of the most popular being the discussion of fairies.

One of the most common fairy sightings that people often see are “fairy rings” that pop up in their yard or open spaces they found. These circular rings of mushrooms are thought to be little realms where fairies dance and play. However, humans must never interrupt this fun or else the fairies may punish the humans. It is believed that if a human were to enter a fairy ring then they will be forced to dance with the creatures where they are unable to stop until they either go mad or perish from exhaustion. 

Scientifically, “fairy rings” are not created by fairies. Instead it is just seen as a ring or arc of mushrooms. They are caused by an individual fungus that grows underground with several small fungus sprouts that pop up above ground called mycelium. The fungus underground will keep growing which will allow for the ring to get larger as the fungus gets older.

Whether you believe in the science or the magic of how these mushroom rings form on earth both are interesting ways this natural phenomenon occurs. To learn more about fairies and other mythical beings, make sure to join us tomorrow at Troutman’s Vineyard & Winery for our second Night Out With Nature: Magic Myths in the Forest.

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