TWC Strategic Visioning: Designing Your Positive Experience With Wilderness

The Wilderness Center has been providing positive impacts to nature, the community, and education for almost 60 years. Our natural lands, wildlife, and rivers are facing more threats than ever. In order to adapt and stay relevant in this changing environment, TWC is listening to our community’s needs, wants, and priorities. We’ve partnered with local consultants from Enviroscience and Sustainable Economies Consulting for an in-depth look at how TWC can make positive impacts for our wilderness and our community.

It is important for us to create a plan moving forward with clear goals, strategic priorities, and actionable steps. This process will:

  1. Ensure that input is collected on needs and priorities from the community and partners
  2. Create a roadmap towards greater impact on conservation, quality of life, and education
  3. Help prioritize decisions: with limited resources we can’t do everything
  4. Produce a plan with measurable outcomes which are typically required by granting organizations and foundations

Phases 1 (Community Engagement Sessions) and 2 (Survey) are almost complete. Next, the formal Advisory Committee will decide on goals and pathways, and the Enviroscience team will begin to design programs and projects.

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