Popular Fall Events Returning to The Wilderness Center

The Wilderness Center (TWC) is pleased to announce the return of two annual events this fall and much of its regular programming.  After a hiatus in 2020, TWC has reformulated the way some of its events are held to make them safer while still being fun for the community.  Nature Fest:  First, on Sunday, September…

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Bee Helpful! Conserve Pollinators!

The conservation effort for pollinators has been in the spotlight or some time now. They are a critical, keystone species for the natural habitats that support the food chain. Native bees have co-evolved with native plants in an intricate exchange of food for pollination services. Plants have showy flowers to attract insects, birds and bats…

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TWC Strategic Visioning: Designing Your Positive Experience With Wilderness


The Wilderness Center has been providing positive impacts to nature, the community, and education for almost 60 years. Our natural lands, wildlife, and rivers are facing more threats than ever. In order to adapt and stay relevant in this changing environment, TWC is listening to our community’s needs, wants, and priorities. We’ve partnered with local…

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