Planetarium Show: Planet Nine

Jun 08, 2024 11:00AM—12:00PM


The Wilderness Center 9877 Alabama Ave Wilmot, OH 44689

Cost $6/Nonmember, $4/TWC Member

Event Contact Robin Gill | Email


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Follow Mike Brown, astronomer and planet hunter, on his quest for the elusive Planet Nine.  Brown and his team have discovered many intriguing new worlds in the Kuiper Belt, bright Eris, tumbling Haumea, an egg-shaped object rotating incredibly fast with two moons, and Sedna, whose orbit takes it deep into the far reaches of the solar system.  By studying these objects and many more like them the team has discovered evidence of a Kuiper Belt object 10 times more massive than Earth.  No one knows where this mysterious world is – yet.  Learn firsthand from Brown how through observation and discovery they know Planet Nine is out there as the search continues.  A “Tonight’s Sky” program showing seasonal constellations and planets currently in the night sky will follow the show.


Please arrive 10 minutes early.

Seating is limited pre-registration ensures you a seat. Walkins accepted if seats are available, cash only and exact payment requested