Planetarium Show: Lars the Little Polar Bear

Feb 17, 2023 12:00PM—12:30PM


The Wilderness Center

Cost $4.00

Event Contact Robin Gill | Email

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Experience the first day of spring through the antics of Lars, a curious little polar bear. Follow Lars as he explores near his home making friends with a cormorant and a group of whales. Children will be mesmerized by Lars’ adventures and beautiful illustrations and can’t wait to see how the story ends! The first part of the show is based on the book “Little Polar Bear and the Whales” by Hans de Beer. The second part of the show takes on a more documentary flair, with a tour of the Arctic to learn how real polar bears live and how melting Arctic Sea ice is affecting their habitat. Lars the Little Polar Bear combines nature and environmental education, a gentle introduction to climate change, and a touch of astronomy. Although intended for children preschool age to grade 2, the story is presented so that audiences of all ages will enjoy it. 

Make it a double feature! Come to Storytime Sprouts: Polar Bears (10:00 am), have lunch with Barnaby, one of TWC’s box turtles, then come to this shortened program of only the Lars the Little Polar Bear planetarium show (27 mins). 

Free admission for adults of children 5 and under if the child is seated on lap.