Planetarium Show: Forward to the Moon

Aug 02, 2024 9:00PM—10:00PM


Astronomy Education Building at TWC 9877 Alabama Ave SW Wilmot, OH 44689

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In just a single lifetime we have moved from our first space rocket launch to using space technology in our everyday day life. The Apollo Moon landings of the last century were just the beginning. Be inspired by NASA’s Artemis program, named after the Greek Moon goddess and twin to Apollo, our next chapter in the history of human endeavor.  Learn what new science will be conducted as we explore regions of the Moon not yet explored by humans and build a radio telescope on the far side of the Moon that will allow us to look back to the very beginning of our universe. Artemis will be our first steps to a permanent off world presence and our training ground for future space exploration. For all of you who have ever dreamed of living and working in space, we are the Artemis generation! A “Tonight’s Sky” program showing seasonal constellations and planets currently in the night sky will follow the show.


Please arrive 10 minutes early.

Seating is limited pre-registration ensures you a seat. Walkins accepted if seats are available, cash only and exact payment requested.