Planetarium Show: Exoplanets- Discovering New Worlds

Jun 22, 2024 11:00AM—12:00PM


Astronomy Education Building at TWC 9877 Alabama Ave SW Wilmot, OH 44689

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Discovering alien worlds is no longer science fiction! Join teams of astronomers around the world who are searching for exoplanets. Learn the methods they use to detect these worlds, such as studying the minute “wobbles” of stars and detecting flickers in a star’s brightness. Thousands of extrasolar planets have now been discovered ranging from hot Jupiters to super-Earths. Is there life on any of these planets? Follow the tantalizing clues in our own solar system as to where life might exist other than Earth and what this life might look like. A “Tonight’s Sky” program showing seasonal constellations and planets currently in the night sky will follow the show.


Please arrive 10 minutes early.

Seating is limited pre-registration ensures you a seat. Walkins accepted if seats are available, cash only and exact payment requested.