Wildlife Wednesday 06/12/2024

Happy #WildlifeWednesday! Known for its striking yellow and pink coloration, thick wooly body, and fuzzy antennae, the rosy maple moth is a favorite among moth enthusiasts.

A small member of the silk moth family, the rosy maple moth is found in the eastern United States and Canada. It makes its home in deciduous forests and surrounding suburban and urban areas.

As its common name suggests, this moth is attracted to maple trees. Females lay their eggs on the underside of the leaves, which are then eaten by the emerging caterpillars (known as the greenstriped mapleworm).

To hide from predators such as birds, the coloration of the moth surprisingly allows for perfect camouflage. When roosting during the day by hanging from clusters of maple fruit and seed casings, the moth is nearly impossible to spot.

Join us Friday evening as we look for these and other scaly nocturnal creatures during our new Night Wings Mothing Survey program!

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